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Research Scholar, NEC Laboratories America Inc.

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B.Tech. Projects

Swarath - Self driving Car
Internship project at IIIT Delhi during Summer 2017, where I worked on building a SDV prototype. It started with designing controller and planner for the vehicle. Later built perception systems where sensor outputs were used to obtain occupancies. Further, integrated the planner and perception modules together. The internship ended with demonstrating autonomous navigation with GPS waypoints as input.

Building Perception, Planning and Control for Autonomous Vehicles
Bachelor thesis at IIIT Hyderabad, started with designing a low-level controller for a stock car from scratch. Built controllers for throttle, steering and brakes without CAN support. Further integrated perception (ORB-SLAM, LOAM) and planning (RRT*) modules. Demonstrated static obstacle avoidance in tight spaces which was showcased at Research and Development showcase held at IIIT. A part of my thesis culminated into a paper published at AIR 19.
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Background Subtraction
Project work on Background Subtraction with Dr. Manigandan during bachelors. Designed a background subtraction algorithm based on mixture models.

Bothoven - Eyantra Robotics Competition
A multi-robot task execution problem, where two robots simultaneously plan paths, coordinate and execute a task of playing an audio file in a concurrent fashion. First FFT is applied to decode the notes from an audio file and is fed as input to the robots. The robots are aware of the map but are unaware of the obstacles present on the map. The map is updated and replanning is done when any one of them encounters an obstacle.

Husky - Visual perception based Autonomous bot
Implemented obstacle avoidance and waypoint following in outdoor and indoor scenarios. Sensors like stereo camera, GPS, IMU and wheel encoders were used. Occupancy map was generated upon which planning was done using RRT for the bot to reach the goal autonmously.

Other Projects